Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birla Sunlife India Reforms Fund

The communication revolution has not just made telephone services cheaper, it has also created enormous wealth for shareholders in telecom companies over the decade. This win-win situation will not have happened without sweeping reforms.

There has been better utilisation of available resources and increased participation by the private sector in all sectors that have seen reforms. Reforms, be it the green revolution or the white revolution, have changed lives and opened up vast opportunities for the public.

As the government continues its journey on the reforms path in many sectors, investors are being offered an opportunity to participate in the process. A dedicated approach to this opportunity can be found in the new fund on offer from Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund – Birla Sunlife India Reforms Fund..

Presenting, Birla Sun Life India Reforms Fund, an open ended equity scheme that is designed to help you gain from the opportunities which could be created by policy reforms at any given time!

Let us explain how this scheme intends to work in your interest:

Your money is intended to be invested in sectors that are the focus area for India’s economic reforms!

The scheme intends to realign when emphasis shifts from sector to sector, to maximize its focus!

Our expert fund manager and team of analysts endeavour to select key companies with a significant potential to gain!

NFO Closes on 9 Jun 2010.

Source : ET


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