Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snap Shot :Railway Budget 24 Feb 2010.

  • FY10 : Railways expect to achieve total Receipts of Rs 88281cr; Surplus Rs951cr; freight loading 890 mn tn (Vs 882 estimated).
  • FY11: Freight loading seen at 944 mn tn;
  • To set up Dedicated Passenger Corridor through National High Speed Rail Authority.
  • To set up Freight Corridors across N-Cut Freight on Foodgrains and Kerosene by Rs100/wagon.
  • To acquire 80,000 New Wagons.
  • To set up 10 Auto & auto Ancillary Hubs in 10 locations (thru PPP).
  • To set up 5 wagon factories (thru PPP).
  • To Run 101 new suburban trains in Mumbai.
  • To set up wagon repair shop in Mumbai.
  • To Introduce 54 new trains in FY11; to extend routes of 21 trains .
  • Not to Raise Freight Rates.
  • To set up Special Task force to clear Investment Proposals within 100 days.
  • To add 1000 route km of lines this year; it is 64015 route km currently Vs 53596 Route km in 1950.
  •  120 new trains to be started, of which 117 to be flagged off.
  •  To construct93 multi-functional complexes.
  • Through PPP: To set up 10 Auto & auto Ancillary Hubs in 10 locations, To set up 5 wagon factories, to set up Multi-level parking complex and 6 Bottling plants (Ambala, Amethi, Trivandrum, Nashik, amongst others).


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