Friday, January 15, 2010

Year 2010....

What year 2010 will bring for Indian market...?
We can see the consolidation phase of major indices, Nifty & Sensex, while Midcap & Smallcaps continue to outperform the Indices..

Returns :

Though the market in consolidation mood, it has no much downside in sight,
We can see the support at 5100 & upside limited 5600 as first resistance to Nifty.

Seeing at budget, we can see removal of stimulus package in phased manner...
This may show some correction for a while, but remember "every correction can be converted to buying opportunity"

India is poised at the growth just more than 9% in coming year, already showing a strong IIP data.
but at the same time, Food inflation continue to rise, Sugar seeing reaching Rs.50 per Kg.
Crude oil, got some set back in its growth, as Inventory in US has risen,
Crude oil is hovering near $80/ bbl.
Commodity prices seen increase in past 1-2 months.
Rupee is seeing the resistance to it continuing appreciation at Rs. 45 versus, dollar.

This all indicating to break to growth of capital goods, capital intensive industry, But we can see very good growth in all ancillary companies to this industry.
Healthcare can be the next in sight sector.
Agro food products companies are seeing all time highs in there history,

Happy Investing...

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