Thursday, December 17, 2009

Markets will open at 9 am.

Very competitive move by NSE (National stock exchange), reacting quickly to BSE's (Bombay Stock Exchange) earlier changing time 9.45 to from 9.55, claiming this will improve market liquidity.
Thank God, SEBI guideline says, markets can't start before 9 am.
This move sparkled many angry reactions across the Dalal street, affecting more than 1 million people in country directly or indirectly.
The move was advocated to match the timing with Singapore stock exchange where, SGX Nifty futures trade, but this problem will still persist, as their market opens well ahead of us. 2 and half hours time gap.
The operational aspects behind this may brake this speeding event, as banks do not open so early, to arrange the margin funding for brokers.
Dalal Street is of course upset on the same move...
Ohh.. the news came just now, from my friend's office.. They have announced, office will start business at 8.00 am from tomorrow, as they need to generate morning reports.... How can a person staying in suburbs like Borivali, Mulund or far.. can come at 8.00am office?  He would have to wake up at 5... No time for Gym, Yoga, personal life (View from Dalal street participant's ) )....
Hope at least this will move Sensex to 25000..


  1. very true...mkts to start at 9am means u get up & just go to other personal committments. Its really irritating to knw tht we have to match for some ppl out of India whose presence hardly matters without even giving a thot of ppl who live in & work for India. wht abt these ppl? r v still slaves? It was gd to knw tht Samir Arora instead of being happy tht ppl like him r given importance, thot abt & spoke clearly for thousands of ppl here in India who'll be affected by this dumb decision. who r they trying to impress & for me...ohh pls wake up of this slavery of foreign events....

  2. We should look at these moves from the ivestors percpetion and not in terms of hardship to the broker. This will help investors react to news faster and trade more. I think they will test the morning period first and depending on the experience, extend it in the evening too...What Say...NIne is absolutely fine..

  3. true wht u r saying...but r u sure this will help the investors? small investors have limited resources & big investors....u give them 10hrs of trading, they'll do it..well regarding the big more comments actually...but y not look frm the pt of view of the brokers? afterall they r the ones who r going to be affected the most....can u imagine ur daily schedule getting disrupted within 24 hrs, mkts don't tht way....tht too when majority of the consensus was against this decision...also wht abt the other institutes related to stk mkts...banks...wht abt them....this short notice decision is going to create lot of discomfort to i think better think of many than few....

  4. Im just against anything that indicates me working for longer hours... There's no such thing as too much free time for me...
    If the markets open by 9 I hope they close at 1.

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  6. The concerns are appreciated but think in a broad percpective... The new trading hours would now help integrate the Indian market with Singapore and other Asian markets in the morning hours, and the European market in the evening hours,Thus Some trades that had shifted to SGX Nifty can now be brought back to the country..